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PPSAT Faculty & Staff


Contact No.


Line of Work

Acala, Melinda V. 09154522217 mvacala@tesda.gov.ph

Instructor II

Focal – Income Generating Projects (IGP)

Trainer – FOP NC II, Entrep.

Member – Risk Management Team


Aguirre, Edward 09564836330 eaguirre@tesda.gov.ph

Security Guard I–  Security Services-  Alternate Driver


Albino, Maylene D. 09085502058 mddulaogon@tesda.gov.ph

Instructor II

Encoder/recorder – Registrar’s office

Member – SALN & PDS Review & Compliance Committee

T2MIS Focal


Badajos, Lilia A. 09197038184 labadajos@tesda.gov.ph

Assistant Professor III

Head, Trainees Records and Development (TRD) Acting Registrar

 Support to Students(APACC)

Training Calendar (Planned & Implemented)

Profiling, enrolment & Graduated Report(T2MIS)

Trainees Registration & Certification

DTS/ DTP/ EBT/ OJT reports

Graduates’ Employment Reports

Performance Management Monitoring System

Focal- Scholarship Program

Member- Performance Management Team

Checking of IPCR committee (TRD)

Bagona, Jr. Rogelio A.


091755333304/09989745020 rabagona@tesda.gov.ph

Assistant Professor I Chairperson- Electrical & Electronics Sector


Trainer – EIM NC II & NC III

Driving NC II

Member – Risk Management Team

Member – FEMT (Elect’l Maint.)


Bromal, Karen T. 09308432268 ktbromal@tesda.gov

Administrative Aide VI


Collecting & Disbursing Officer

Special Disbursement Officer-Scholarship Program

Bucad, Liz D. 09064490129 ldbucad@tesda.gov.ph

Assistant Professor II

Trainer –: Hilot (Wellness Massage) NC II, Massage Therapy NC II, Entrep.

ResearcherMember (Success Stories)

Cayao, Jr. Polio T. 09480192649 ptcayaojr@tesda.gov.ph Administrative Aide I
Colendra, Amiel C. 09084745354 accolendra@tesda.gov.ph

Assistant Professor I Chairperson  – Risk Management Team 

 Trainer – EIM NC II & NC III

Member – FEMT (Elect’l.Maint.)


Conde, Shiara Kuh T. 09556438309 stconde@tesda.gov.ph

Instructor III

Head, Program Registration & Accreditation (UTPRAS)

Registration of New and Higher-Level Qualifications

Focal- PQF 5 (Diploma Program)

Focal – LSI

Migration of Programs

Chairperson – Curriculum Review Committee

Trainer: Tour Guiding NC II, English Language

Member – Validation of CBLMs Committee


Cruz, Hermelina H 09122593323 hhcruz@tesda.gov.ph

Assistant Professor I


5S  – Member

Member –  Landscaping Program

Green TVET (Backyard gardening)

Member – Graduate Tracer

De Castro, Geraldine O. 09122509974 godecastro@tesda.gov.ph

Instructor III/Chairperson- Tourism              Sector

Member – Success stories Committee


Trainer – FOS NC II

De Castro, Jose Paolo C. 09127827820 jcdecastro@resda.gov.ph

Instructor II

Focal – Graduate Tracer/ Monitoring of Graduates-  Trainer – FBS NC II

Basic Competencies

Member – Documentation Committee

Technical Support Officer in Virtual National Assessments

CCTV Data recorder

RWAC Processing

Process billings of assessments (PO)

Demaclid, Jovely A. 09129702781 jademaclid@tesda.gov.ph

Handicraft Worker II

Member – FEMT

Repair & Maintenance

Member – Risk Management Team

Trainer – SMAW NC I

Ducejo, Myrna R. 09173151269 mrducejo@tesda.gov.ph

Assistant Professor IIManager, Competency Assessment & Certification (CAC)

Image & Sustainability (APACC)

Registration/Re-registration of Assessment Center

National Competency Assessment (Regular/Walk-in

RWAC Reports


Member – Risk Management Team  – Checking of IPCR (CAC)

Trainer: Plumbing NC I NC II

Gacott, Lorizza Mae P. 09778161492 lpgacott@tesda.gov.ph

Instructor III

In-Charge, Guidance Program

President ACE

Focal – APACC Accreditation

Skills to Succeed (S2S) Academy

Chairperson – Research & Dev’t.

Focal- GAD

Individual Excellence

Job Induction Program

Social Marketing & Advocacy


Regional Expert Panel Member in Trainer’s Methodology I

Galanto, Jean Therese A. 09176555829 jtgpadua@tesda.gov.ph

Instructor III

Acting School Librarian

Trainer Entrep. , Tour Guiding NC II, Researcher

Member- Success Stories & TESDA Idol

Co- Anchor, PPSAT Ngayun – (Radyo Pilipinas)

Green TVET – Focal

REPM in TM 1, -Competency Assessor in FOS NC II


Galili,Claudine C. 09989913477 ccgalili@tesda.gov.ph

Nurse II

Chairperson PPSAT Documentation

PPSAT Today – Monthly publication

Focal – Disease Prevention Measures Program

Health Services/Health Protocols

Special Sector (PWD, Solo Parent, Senior Citizen, Drug Surrenderees, etc)

Anchor on Board- “PPSAT Ngayun” – (Radyo Pilipinas)

Lagan,Marylor A. 09150010198 malagan@tesda.gov.ph

Administrative Aide IV

Assisting in record management

Maintaining filing system/database

Processing/filing/encoding trainees’ records /data in the TESDA MIS

Reproduction/sorting/binding trainees’ documents


Lopez, Job M. 09077374130 jmlopez@tesda.gov.ph Security Guard II – Security Services
Lopez, Mitzi Gaile G. 09162962239 mglopez@tesda.gov.ph

Instructor III

Adviser- Student Council

Member – Documentation Committee

Focal – Referral, Graduates’ Placement

Trainer: BPP NC II

Magbanua, Ruel A. 09473839253 ramagbanua@tesda.gov.ph

Administrative Officer II

Chairperson, Other Resources APACC

Chairperson – 5-S Committee

Member – FEMT

Supplies & Procurement Officer

Inventory Officer

Magura, William C. 09103104457 wcmagura@tesda.gov.ph

Administrative Aide I

General/Utility  Services

Member – 5S Committee

Member – FEMT

Green TVET (Backyard gardening)

Maidol, Arlyn A. 09175826622 aamaidol@tesda.gov.ph

Instructor III

Industry Coordinator


Job Induction Program (JIP)

Landscaping Program

Skills to Succeed (S2S) Academy

Individual Excellence

Trainer – HSK NC II

Maidol, Lapu-Lapu JM U. 09277017950 lumaidol@tesda.gov.ph

Administrative Aide III

Official School Driver

5’S Member

Maintenance Services

Member – FEMT

Manga, Carl M. 09171402728 carlmmanga@tesda.gov.ph

Instructor III

Documentation Officer– Training Cum Production

Member – Risk Management Team

Trainer – FBS NC II & NC III

Technical Support Officer in Virtual National Assessments

Manga, Carolyn M. 09266779951 cmmanga@tesda.gov.ph

Instructor III

Focal – STAR Program

Trainer:  BPP NC II, Contact Tracing Level II, BHS NC II

Manga, Corazon Socorro  M. 09778327075 csmanga@tesda.gov.ph

Associate Professor I

Secretary-Excom,Focal-National Accreditation(STaRRating Evaluation)

Member-Curriculum Review Committee

Trainer TM level I

Member-Performance Management Team

Member-Validation of CBLMs


Paladan, Patricia T. 09177752868 ptpaladan@tesda.gov.ph

Administrative Officer IV

Head, General Administrative and Support Services

Human Resource & Development (APACC)

Learning and Development

Rewards and Incentives


Financial -Resource Mgt.





Chairperson – SALN & PDS Review & Compliance Committee

Member – Performance Mgt. Team

Member-Checking of IPCR (GASS)


Information Officer

Customer Satisfaction and Feedbacking System

Events Coordinator

Pantinople, Bernito T. 09509579920 btpantinople@tesda.gov.ph

Instructor III

Trainer – Masonry NC II

Tile Setting NC II

Carpentry NC II

Plumbing NC I & NC II

Member – Risk Management Team

Pelotos, David Ramier L 09272844469 dlpelotos@tesda.gov.ph

Assistant Professor IV

Chairperson – Success Stories Committee

Success Stories   (monthly report)

TESDA Idol – (Annual report)

Landscaping Program

Trainer – HSK NC II

Anchor on Board, “PPSAT Ngayun” – (Radyo Pilipinas)


Peria, Marina C 09176788500 mcperia@tesda.gov.ph

Instructor III

Chairperson- HSCDS & Other Sectors (Garments, PF & B, Transport & Agriculture)

Member – Income Generating Projects (IGP) 

Trainer – Bookkeeping III

Green TVET (Backyard gardening)

Farm Manager

Peria, Rommel S 09532546601 rsperia@tesda.gov.ph

Instructor II

Chairperson – MET &

Construction Sector

Member – Risk Management Team



Sabuya, Irene P 09306312235/09174665909 ipsabuya@tesda.gov.ph

Administrative Assistant III


Member –  SALN & PDS Review & Compliance Committee

Sarabia, Renato P 09485504168 rpsarabia@tesda.gov.ph

Security Guard I

Assistant Procurement Officer


Security Services

Green TVET (Backyard gardening)

Socrates, Rene J 09976547259 rjsocrates@tesda.gov.ph

Assistant Professor I/

Head, Technical Education, and Training (VIS)

Teaching and Learning (APACC)

Training Induction Program

Regular Programs- (Scholar & Non Scholar)

-Technology-Based Community Training Programs- (DSWD, MFI, PESO, LGU, ETC)

Graduation Program

Chairperson- FEMT

Member-Curriculum Review Committee

Chairperson-Validation of CBLMs Committee

Chairperson-Checking of IPCR-TET

Member-Risk Management Team

Training cum Production

Solomon , Eleonor H 09278090599 ehsolomon@tesda.gov.ph

Assistant Professor II

Adviser: Alumni Asso.

Member –  Risk Management        Team


Tadlas, Sianita C 09770414953 sctadlas@tesda.gov.ph

Vocational School Administrator III-

Chairman, Governance, and Management – APACC

Chairman, Performance Mgt. Team


Valdez, John Cyrus V. 09072009150/09166868573 jcvaldez@tesda.gov.ph

Instructor II

Processing Officer – TAC

Encoder/Recorder – TAC

Member – Documentation Committee

Trainer: CSS NC II

Web Administrator

Technical Support Officer in Virtual National Assessments


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