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All About National Competency Assessment

What is National Competency Assessment?

According to TESDA, assessment is the process of collecting evidence and making judgments on whether competency has been achieved.  The assessment process seeks to determine whether the graduate or worker can perform to the standards expected in the workplace based on the defined competency standards. Certification is provided to those who meet the competency standards. This ensures the productivity, quality, and global competitiveness of middle-level workers.

TESDA is based on the implementation of assessment and certification for all qualifications with promulgated Training Regulations.

The Training Regulation defines the knowledge, skills, and attitudes/values required for competent performance in the workplace. The competency requirements, as defined in the relevant Training Regulations shall be the take-off point of all corresponding qualifications, assessments, and certification in all industry sectors.

For more information; the list of promulgated Training Regulations may be accessed at the TESDA Website: http://www.tesda.gov.ph

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